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The More Common Injuries Sustained In Miami Car Accidents

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), states that over 3 million individuals are injured every year in car accidents that occur all over the country. The various injuries that result from these accidents vary according to the circumstance associated with every collision. However, there are a few injury types that occur more commonly than others. Regardless of the type of injury you or your passenger sustains, speaking with a Miami Car Accident Lawyer about your rights is the right action to take.

Certain vehicle accidents are resolved within a few days without the need for medical treatment. While other injuries that are more serious become permanent which results in physical disabilities.

The severity as well as type of injuries that passengers and drivers suffer from a car accident depend on certain factors that often include the following:

• Was the driver and passengers wearing their seat belts?

• Was the vehicle hit from either the front, rear or side?

• Was the driver or passengers facing ahead in their seats, or was the body or head turned in certain directions?

• Was the crash a high-speed or low-speed collision?

• Did the vehicle have airbags?

The 2 broad categories associated with car accident injuries include the penetrating trauma and the impact injuries, also known as blunt trauma. The impact injury is usually caused when parts or a part of a person’s body collides with something inside of the vehicle. This can include a head that hits a window or seat rest or a knee that collides with the dashboard. The penetrating injuries usually involve scrapes and cuts. This can include glass that has shattered or objects that are loose that fly around the vehicle on impact which often result in this type of injury.

Car Accidents And Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are explained as damage that occurs to the connective tissues, such as tendons, ligaments and muscles. This happens to be the more common injury type that results from motor vehicle accidents. The soft tissue injury types take on a variety of forms.

Whiplash is one of these injuries that occurs to the upper back and neck. In this injury type the ligaments and muscles stretch from the sudden movement that occurs to the neck or head on impact. These forces and mechanisms can also result in soft tissue injury types to other areas like the back. These accidents usually result in low and mid back sprains in the muscles and in some cases, more severe back injuries due to the force of the impact that occurs to the spine.

Cuts And Scrapes

In car collisions, any objects that are loose inside a car turn into projectiles that are thrown around inside the car. This can include objects such as books, purses, eyeglasses, cell phones and more. If one or more of these items impact the body, they often result in an injury or cuts into the skin.

In some cases, the cuts or scrapes are minor and do not necessitate medical attention. The more sever injuries have the ability to result in the requirement of stiches and blood loss. Scrapes and cuts also occur from the deployment of airbags on impact.

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Car Accidents And Head Injuries

The head injuries that result from traditional Miami car accidents also take on various forms which range from minor onto severe. When a car suddenly changes direction, or stops unexpectedly it often results in the head of the driver or passengers that undergo an unnatural and sudden movement. This often results in muscle strains in the back and neck. In addition, the head also sustains injuries when it hits the steering wheel or side windows, which can result in bruising, scrapes or deep lacerations. The collisions that are more severe can result in a closed-head injury. In these situations, the tissue and fluids in the skull become damaged due to the sudden impact of movement to the head. Closed head injuries that are less severe often cause a concussion, while the impact that is the most severe can result in brain damage.

Chest Injuries

Another common injury in car accidents includes chest injuries. This injury usually results in bruises or contusions. More severe injuries can result in internal injuries or broken ribs. The driver is the person that usually sustains a chest injury due to the position behind a steering wheel, which limits movement before this area off the body collides into a steering wheel. When the body is forced forward after impact, even when the chest does not make contact with the steering wheel, the chest still experiences a force against the seat belt or shoulder harness that often results in severe bruising.

Leg And Arm Injuries

The force that throws the passengers and driver head around after a collision acts in a similar way on the legs and arms. When the vehicle has sustained an impact from the side, the legs can be thrown against the car’s door. When in the passenger seat of a car, the legs usually have minimal room to move. In a car accident it is common for the occupants to hit their knees against the seat that is in front or on the dashboard. Dependent on the collision, injuries that occur to the legs and arms could result in bruises or scrapes, but breaks and sprains can also occur.

It is important to consider that certain injuries are not always obvious directly after a collision. Dependent on the actual nature of an injury, it could take a few days, maybe weeks and sometimes months in order for the symptoms to occur. If you have recently had a motor vehicle accident, it is always advisable to see your doctor for even a slight discomfort or the indication of an injury.

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