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How To Handle Injuries That Become Apparent Long After A Car Accident

After a car accident in Miami FL, you may be in shock and disbelief. These emotions can crop up regardless of whether the accident caused significant damage and injuries or not. That is because the moment of impact almost always catches you by surprise. Many times, you may think that you emerged from a car accident unscathed, only to find that some part of your body bothers you later on. The information presented here will review why it is so important to monitor your condition following an accident.

You’ve likely heard a number of stories about athletes that sustain an injury during a game but do not realize what has happened until the game is finished. While they are playing, their body is flooded with endorphins and adrenaline. The chemicals can keep their body from feeling pain, which is why the athletes don’t notice their injury until things have calmed down.

Car accidents are similar in that you will have adrenaline and endorphins flowing through your body during the incident. As a result, you may not notice that your body is experiencing pain. That is why you can feel okay in the aftermath of a car accident but still have problems later on. Once the chemicals start to fade away, you may begin feeling pain that you didn’t notice before.

Injuries To The Soft Tissue

When a part of the body is hurt, and it does not involve the bone, it is called a soft tissue injury. For example, ligaments, tendons and muscles are all soft tissue.

Car accidents involve force, even if the accident is technically not that bad. The car stops abruptly as a result of the incident; that means that people in the car are often pitched forward, stopped only by their seat belt. As a result, their joints and other parts of the body can suffer.

Following an accident, whiplash is a common complaint. This happens when the neck muscles are harmed as a result of the head moving quickly forward and then backward.

Soft tissue injuries can be very painful. They may also cause swelling and a loss of mobility. The injury may not be evident right away; it could even pop up weeks later. Furthermore, soft tissue injuries cannot be seen on an x-ray, which is why they may initially escape the attention of a doctor. It is important to receive medical care after an accident and immediately following the onset of pain and then quickly get in touch with a car accident attorney in the Miami area

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Injuries To The Head

Your skull keeps your brain safe. If you hit your head hard enough, however, or if it is thrown about with force, your brain could ram into your skull. This has the potential to cause a concussion, which is another common injury that results from a car accident.

Concussions require medical care. You may not realize that you have a concussion at first. Sometimes it is evident, particularly if you lose consciousness or become disoriented. However, other symptoms are more difficult to interpret. For example, you may have trouble concentrating or recalling new information. Your head might hurt or you may experience nausea and dizziness. You may have blurry vision or simply feel very tired. You might also have trouble sleeping or may find that you are sleeping much more than normal.

If you were involved in a car accident and notice any of these symptoms, it is important to visit a medical professional as soon as possible.

Medical Care

After a car accident, it is important to visit a medical professional if you think something might be wrong. You can also go simply as a precaution, even if you do not feel any pain. Your doctor can check you out to see if you were injured during the event. He or she can also let you know what to look for in the coming weeks and advise you on which symptoms are serious and in need of further medical care.

If you make an injury claim, you need to show that you went to a doctor fairly soon after the incident. If you go a month later, for example, the insurance adjuster will try and cast doubt on your claim, impacting your ability to get a decent settlement.

Don’t Be Quick To Settle

After a car accident, the other person’s insurance company might ask you to sign a release. They may present you with a sum of money to encourage you to do what they are asking, particularly if they know that you have yet to hire a car accident lawyer in Miami FL.

Do not sign. Instead, see a doctor first. Also, you need to give the situation a few days to ensure that you don’t have injuries that crop up later and require treatment. Talk to your doctor about how long you should wait. If you put your name on a release, and then you realize something is wrong after that, you are liable for your medical bills. The release relieves the insurance company of all responsibility.

A lawyer can help walk you through this process, particularly if you sustained major injuries from the car accident. In addition, if you are confused about what your rights are or how you should proceed, it is always a good idea to have a professional by your side, guiding you along the way.

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