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slip and fallIf a person or a corporate entity owns or rents real property they have a serious obligation to maintain that property in a safe and reasonable manner. If the property owner or the tenant invites other people to the property and someone gets hurt because of poor maintenance, the person injured has a right to file a claim. That person or persons can claim legally that their personal injury from a slip & fall accident for instance, was caused by faulty maintenance. This is done under a section of the law called premises liability.

If you make a claim against premises liability, you are claiming you are owed a duty of care. You must prove that the duty was not upheld and done so negligently. This can be a tough case to prove so you should contact experienced premises liability attorneys.

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Premises Liability Laws in Florida

You can only get compensated for an injury you suffered when you are on another person’s property and they owed you a legal duty to care and they breached that. The specifics of what you can claim from the property owner or tenant vary depending on why you were on the property at all. These include:

Customers invited to the property to conduct business. In Florida, they are called invitees and are given the highest duty of care from property owners. The owners must inspect the property regularly to make sure there are no hazards or dangers. Any of these must be fixed or a warning is displayed to advise customers and visitors.

Friends or acquaintances invited to a property for a visit in Florida are classified under licensees. They get what is called an intermediate duty of care. Owners or tenants of the property are obliged to fix any hazards that they know of or should know of when exercising reasonable care. They must also warn these people of dangers at the property but they are not required to do regular inspections.

Trespassers get the lowest duty of care of all. These people enter property without permission so property owners cannot warn them of any dangers ahead of time. Situations can include properties where owners have an attractive nuisance like a swimming pool. Owners may, in those instances, have to implement additional safety measures to protect trespassers.

Determine what level of care was owed to you from all the types of people described above. You must prove that the owner or the property renter failed to uphold their duty. If so, they are negligent in the law’s eyes and liable for your injuries.

Ways to prove this include subpoenaing maintenance records, taking photos of the scene of the accident, and offering witness testimonies regarding the cause of your accident. A personal injury lawyer is extremely helpful in getting the evidence together so that you can win your case. This attorney will present this evidence in a way that will allow you to have the best chance a making your premises liability claim a successful one.

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